Who We Are.

We are The Daily Max, a fairly new blog site started by two independent journalists and a freelance writer. While all three of us don’t have a lot of experience in creating and managing a website, we still hope to inform and entertain every reader that visits our pages.

The topics we’ll write about are based on exactly what we are interested in on that particular day.

We wish to make our news stories fairly interesting and ageless (like a page out of history), while our general blog posts can range from insights about a certain machine, to the process of installing some form of software. We’re dedicated to keeping all of our posts truthful and with accordance of the journalistic standards set by the new digital age.

And in this digital age there are many different ways to gather the correct information with the proper citation and coherently summarize it for every reader to see.

All of the information is gathered by the two journalists, then collectively digested by the group to decide on the correct way to write down all of the different ideas, news worthy stories and the inevitable guides and lists that are made to give a short and sweet answer to whatever your question may be.

To conclude, currently we’re still in our fledgling stage, while we tweak all of the details of the page we hope you give us some ideas through the comments on topics that we can explore. Hopefully we can build a community around the various ideas and expressions that every individual can contribute to the blog.

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