The Gist of What’s Going on in Trump’s America

There’s a lot of confused average Joe’s in America right now, this is because the two sides that have an audience have opted to go to the extremes. By extremes i mean they have focused on either the best or worst of the leader of the free world. But could he really be that bad or good? Let’s find out, what he has accomplished (or failed according to others) in his first year in office.

As the first of his actions stands his judicial appointments, which has gotten the most praise out of the conservative side of the Senate. He has appointed Neil Gorsuch which was approved by Senate for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Gorsuch fulfilling his role in the Supreme Court somewhat predictably but with conviction towards his beliefs, which we at The Daily Max commend.

While he was also cutting down on taxes ( we are still unsure who won from this reform since there is a lot of misinformation from both sides on the matter) he was accused of collusion with Russian agents, Russia was also alleged to have tampered with the election process (which we at The Daily Max do not believe, since such a breach of American sovereignty wouldn’t go unnoticed and without harsh sanctions) which he failed to discern considering his proponents have continued the narrative to the extent of publishing a false and slanderous document.

Then came the “Muslim Ban” controversy, this was falsely reported on. The countries on the ban list were majority Muslim, the ban however was issued for people of every religion and race that live in the countries of:  Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Syria and Iran. While this ban was considered one of his largest blunders, it was in no small part due to MSM (the Main Stream Media), however we do not condone the actions of the president because there are systems in place to gauge the probability of possible Islamic extremists.

Which brings us to his fight against ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant) which continuously fight in large scale offensives with every nearby country that they can attack with hopes of expanding their territories. America has supported coalition forces who fight the state and securing key areas of Syria with the help of both Kurdish rebels and Syrian forces. However this has also given the rebels enough arms to oppose the Syrian government causing escalation of the war that has been going on since 2013 which can only get worse at this point.

All in all his presidency hasn’t been anything too out of the ordinary as far as American presidents go, although his appointment has somehow caused a the furthering of the political wings, both of which only seek to affirm their own beliefs by using this president to criticize the other side. However strange it may seem to have a media personality become a president he has fulfilled some of his promises which is more than one can say for some of the prior presidents.


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