Is the World Entering a New Cold War?

Instability has been part of global politics since their inception, so it’s no surprise when the tensions have heated up yet again after the attempted assassination of one Sergei Skrupal who is alleged to have been a double agent for Britain in Russia and was comfortably retired in Salisbury. The former agent was attacked with a toxic nerve gas which has put the British government in a state of alert calling upon all of their allies to impose sanctions on the Russian government. Which brings us to America’s involvement in the situation.

Mere days after the attack the British PM Theresa May came out with allegations that the attack was committed by the Russian government. The evidence for this is yet to be released, but America and the UN stand with Britain on imposing sanctions to Russia, with the president stating that whoever is behind the attack will have the full condemnation of the US government. This has lead to the expelling of 23 Russian diplomats from the UK, freezing Russian state assets and the increase of defense plans against “hostile state activity”.

On the Russian side of this, they have stated that they will expel British diplomats as well diplomats from countries that have supported Britain’s allegations, meaning America will soon have to expel Russian diplomats as retaliation, we’ll gave to trust in the judgement of our government for the right course of action, this is a very delicate situation that can escalate quickly.

This is not the first time that the western world (Great Britain, America, France and Germany) have come to a very tense political situation with Russia. Although the cold war ended with the fall of the USSR the possibility of another such dangerous stalemate is not something the world needs right now. We hope for a rational approach to resolving the matter, however given the track record of the current establishments of the countries involved we might be facing a new cold war.

Stay tuned, we’ll keep the site updated as the matter branches out.

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