Follow-up on the Sergei Skripal Situation

A few days ago we wrote about the situation regarding Britain, Russia and the former double agent Sergei Skrupal, after the attempted assassination of Skrupal Britain has expelled 23 Russian diplomats and started imposing sanctions. The nerve agent used on Skripal was identified by the British government to be a Novichok (Russian for newcomer) nerve gas which can only be accessed by the Russian military. Skripal and his daughter were found slumped on a bench in Salisbury, they are alive but still in critical condition.

Although Russia denies the allegations of their involvement in the matter England continuously pursues the confession from the Russian president who was officially re-elected for the fourth time. Vladimir Putin has not only denied the allegations but has also called it a shocking and unforgivable act. There are also complaints from Russia about the¬†insubstantial evidence that the British government has provided. However the overwhelming support from everyone of the UK’s allies has furthered this matter to the EU, which means we will be hearing conferences and debates about the validity of England’s accusations soon, and we might even get a conclusion to the entire situation before it escalates to long term animosity between the two great powers.


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