What is the Deal With Facebook’s Most Recent Controversy

In recent months the social media site Facebook has been bombarded by controversy after controversy, all of which involve its users privacy in some form or another. It began with Facebook’s proposition to its users to submit their “nudes” to the site which it would then put into its facial recognition database to combat revenge porn. This was obviously met with backlash from everyone who uses the site since such a large database of photos would be extremely dangerous since there are under-aged users which would’ve submitted their photos essentially creating a large child pornography database.

Facebook then stirred up another controversy after asking users if it should permit adult men to ask under-age girls for sexually explicit photos, this was met with extreme backlash and Facebook dropped the survey and called it a mistake. This brings us to the most recent controversy that the social media giant has found itself in a scandal regarding how it harvests the data of every user on the site to make an accurate profiling system to promote certain advertisements to their user base. A whistleblower revealed that Cambridge Analytica a data company has gathered 50 million profiles that have been targeted by specific ads meaning that both Facebook and Cambridge Analytica have breached the personal data of 50 million people and probably more. Hopefully the social media giant finds a way to reassure the public or will the UN need to get involved. We’ll update as this story unravels.

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