President Trump’s Call With Vladimir Putin

Currently America is struggling with its news outlets, we have right wing news stating that the deep state is trying to destroy President Trump’s ability to lead the nation while left wing media states that the Trump administration is colluding with Russia to undermine America’s sovereignty as a nation. Our opinion on the matter is that none of these statements and conspiracies are true, if they were we would have at least some evidence of either case but no outlet has yet to produce any solid evidence which only furthers into a political tug-o-war which is entertaining but also a heap load of misinformation.

The latest controversy surrounding the leader of the free world is his scheduled call with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, who has recently won his fourth term as president. Trump had called Putin to congratulate him on the recent victory with his office apparently telling him not to congratulate the Russian president and to denounce him for the alleged chemical attack on the former double agent Sergei Skripal to support UK in its accusations against Russia, the case is still ongoing. We will eventually do another followup but currently the UK hasn’t released any of the cited evidence of the Novichok gas so we are still waiting on more news on that front before we update. Now back to the topic at hand, why has the leader of the free world called Putin despite the protests of his national security advisers.

The main reason the president has decided to be friendly with the Russian president is the cooperation with Russia against ISIS and North Korea which is an important issue in America because of the threat both enemies pose to its people. Additionally the president also cited that Barack Obama has also congratulated Putin when he won his previous election in 2012 pointing out the double standard in the left wing media, but this is no defense in our humble opinion since Russia wasn’t involved in an international investigation at the time for the alleged assassination of one Sergei Skripal. So as the situation stands the president is currently being praised by the right wing and criticised by the left wing and world continues to revolve.

Feel free to give us your thoughts on the matter in the comments below, we’re always open to criticism ourselves and any story suggestions are also appreciated.

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