The Austin Bomber

There have been a total of 6 bombings throughout Austin Texas since March the 2nd, it first started with the delivery of two bombs through the FedEx company one of which detonated inside the warehouse. The man behind these bombings was 23 year-old  Mark Anthony Conditt who was found sitting outside a hotel in his Nisan Pathfinder through a  relatively new method of tracking, we won’t go into detail on the method itself due to lack of concrete information. But once Texas police found the suspect they gave chase eventually cornering the vehicle at Round Rock a small town near Austin where the bomber detonated his last homemade explosive ending his own life in the process.

                                     Mark Anthony Conditt’s Student ID Released by Austin                                                         Community College

Austin police are assuring residents of the city that they have neutralized all of the bombs. The sheriff stated that the reasons for the bombings was the resentment of the troubled young Conditt who has left behind a video that states the reason for his monstrous act. If there are any updates from the sheriff’s office or the ATF (The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) we will keep you informed.

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