ISIS is Slowly Regaining Power in the Middle East

ISIS was supposed to be beaten by the end of 2017, however they have started gaining traction within Syria, in the past six weeks 170 Syrian soldiers have been killed by ISIS fighters as battles ravage across the middle eastern country. The enemies of the Islamic State have turned their backs on the threat that it poses since the ranks of ISIS fighters continues to grow as more converts join the caliphate.

The attacks from the militants have increased since their downfall in 2017, their attacks are still small scale but the inevitable rebirth of ISIS is being rumored throughout the middle east. They still fight in areas that are occupied by Kurdish and Syrian forces, although their attacks are small they are still feared by the majority of Syrian and Iraqi citizens with locals of Syria stating that they set up ambushes along the roads after the Syrian guards leave their posts after 3pm.

In closing, the enemies of the Islamic State have underestimated their ability to recruit from many different countries. Fighters are continuously going to the many small forts that ISIS occupies. And the premature declaration of victory by those that fought the extremist militants has allowed them to recuperate their forces. Hopefully the resurgence will be stopped before the situation enters into a new large scale war against the Islamic State.

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