Do any of the Trump Affair Scandals Hold Water or are they all a Quick Cash Grab

There are many scandals surrounding the President’s alleged affairs with a former porn-star and a former playboy model. The allegations towards the president have been made on the part of both of these women which are Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal. They both state that they signed documents that require them to stay silent about the affair they had with current president of the United States. All of the allegations have been denied from the president and he has yet to comment on the matter due to more pressing issues taking priority.

The allegations state that they have been meeting with Donald Trump while he was still a business man, many different legal officials agree to the legality of the agreement they had while the president continues to deny any of the allegations. A court case is still ongoing to decide the validity of Daniel’s lawsuit. The situation is a messy one and we’ll keep you posted as best we can.

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