Trump’s Wall Postponed due to Spending Bill

The recent omnibus spending bill is being heavily criticized due to the many different oblivious expenditures in the 2232 page document. Trump has stated that he is not happy with many things inside the document, especially the small budget to all which was 1.6 billion. The budget for the defense of the border and removal of illegal migrants has always been one of the main talking points and goals of the 45th. The budget for the security of the border also restricts its use for the construction of the wall meaning those 1.6 billion are not for the wall. While congress is composed of both democrats and republicans they have still opposed to many of the president’s orders and bills.

In this spending bill they have added various expenditures that don’t seem to make any sense such as the 15 million sent to china for development aide as the continent, which is America’s biggest economic rival. But the only reason Trump signed the bill is because it provides the military with a large increase to their budget with 700 billion in taxpayer dollars. This bill is a case for the misuse of congressional power since it strictly contradicts everyone of the president’s promises while also forcing him to sign to avoid the government from breaking down. If this continues there will be a discussion on the priorities of congress.
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