Who are March For Our Lives

The frequency at which Americans face gun related violence and mass attacks is very frightening at first but you need to consider that its a continent with 50 different states. The reason for such a disproportionate amount of gun crime and mass shootings can’t be placed on one key factor. The entire situation is a lot more nuanced than people give it credit for, the first thing we should always consider is that every stable american with a sound mind should be allowed to own a firearm weather for sport, self defense or for a collection they wish to accumulate. This is the Second Amendment right of the american people and it should not be infringed upon.

However those that do wish to own firearms should be subject to an extensive background check which should last longer than it does now, this is simply because of the sheer number of people that want to purchase guns and the amount of firearms that are on the market. And one of the groups advocating for gun control is the March For Our Lives movement which has been supported by various celebrities and politicians, but does this group really know what it’s talking about and can the legislation it wants be implemented into the America’s laws, let’s find out.

Their mission statement suggests that they are a large group of students who were horrified by the response to the recent Florida school shooting and the reaction of the government and the Florida police force’s inability to quickly assess the situation and go after the shooter as soon as it was possible. Their mission statement also states that they want to create safer schools through legislation but they have not suggested any method or legislation that could help further that goal to the extent that they’d like. So through their protests and marches they hope to make the American government, police force and psychiatric society ensure that they could feel safe when they go to school.

On the other side of the argument however, the argument that scared children should not be proposing legislation does hold water since the entire movement has been created out of fear meaning that some of if not most of the talking points and decisions will be based on the feelings of the disgruntled students and not on the studies and facts conducted by psychiatric evaluation and gun legislators. The fact of the matter is some students are also abusing this situation as a simple get out of school for free card and the sheer number of students and people protesting this in an unorganized manner will not go well towards their decision making when deciding on what the solution will be. Hopefully the situation will die down and there could be a reasonable discussion between supporters of the second amendment and proponents of it to decide what course should be taken in these trying times

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