Boston Celtics, Sacramento Kings Basketball Players Honor Their Fellow Citizen Killed by the Police

The Boston Celtics, Sacramento Kings basketball player wore T-shirts to honor an unarmed black man killed by the police.

White letters on front ”Accountability. We are one”, #StephonClark printed on the back.

With this pleasant gesture both teams have shown that they care about the issues surrounding the nation, and want to give their voice for this terrible accident.

Clark 22, killed in his backyard few days ago after the police responded to an emergency call of a stranger breaking car windows. Officials reported that officers fired on the 22 year-old due to the fact they thought they saw Clark holding a gun in his hand while he was running away from them. He was found dead holding a cell phone.

This tragic event triggered series of protests throughout the city. Hopefully this is the last time police unjustly fire their weapons at an unarmed civilian.

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