Russia Accuses Britain of Breaking International Law

Russia’s foreign ministry has accused the UK of breaking international law by refusing to provide information on the daughter of Sergei Skripal, Yulia Skripal who is still a Russian citizen who was poisoned along with her father earlier this month in Salisbury. Yes, we’ve done this story to death but we also want to keep everyone updated on the situation since this is a very serious predicament that the world finds itself in.

Whilst the UK continuously pursues Russia with accusations and sanctions Russia continues to request the evidence of the act and also requests and update on the former spy and his daughter. Britain refuse to provide Russia with any evidence despite the demands while also imposing sanctions and expelling diplomats, with more than 25 countries stating that they have plans to expel approximately 130 diplomats from their countries.

Yulia Skripal is said to be in stable condition and rapidly improving. Additionally British counter-terror police has stated that the Skripals were first exposed to the neurotoxin at the front door of Skripal’s home in Salisbury, this is due to the police finding traces of the toxin in a few areas around the home. The 33 year-old Yulia is still not capable of communicating in any meaningful way so for now we wait on further updates.


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