Who are March For Our Lives

The frequency at which Americans face gun related violence and mass attacks is very frightening at first but you need to consider that its a continent with 50 different states. The reason for such a disproportionate amount of gun crime and mass shootings can't be placed on one key factor. The entire situation is a... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Reaction to the Skripal Situation

America only vaguely stated its support for the UK in their pursuit for justice against Russia. Trump recently met with Theresa May to review the evidence that England has accumulated to make their case against the Kremlin. Now America, The UK, Germany and France have all agreed that Russia is responsible for the attack on... Continue Reading →

President Trump’s Call With Vladimir Putin

Currently America is struggling with its news outlets, we have right wing news stating that the deep state is trying to destroy President Trump's ability to lead the nation while left wing media states that the Trump administration is colluding with Russia to undermine America's sovereignty as a nation. Our opinion on the matter is that... Continue Reading →

The Austin Bomber

There have been a total of 6 bombings throughout Austin Texas since March the 2nd, it first started with the delivery of two bombs through the FedEx company one of which detonated inside the warehouse. The man behind these bombings was 23 year-old  Mark Anthony Conditt who was found sitting outside a hotel in his Nisan... Continue Reading →

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